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Real Estate Productions.

Next Day Delivery.


76.5% of Businesses using Video Marketing say it has a direct effect on their business. With our 24-hour turnaround time for Real Estate Video, you will be able to stand among potential clients and be able to list your house as soon as possible. Our production team will create a stunning video for you to use on both Facebook and MLS.


Our Sony A7III camera along with multiple DJI Drones will be the key to creating content that stands out from your competition. Our Day-to-Dusk Photo editing, 360 sphere images, and Virtual staging will be the tools you utilize to give your client a visual representation of you doing whatever it takes to sell their house.


We offer a money back guarantee that we will deliver the production by 10 AM the next morning. When it come to the legal aspect of using us, we pride ourselves in year-round General Liability Insurance up to $1M. Our Drone Liability is covered as well at all times up to $1M. All commercial Drone operations are legal through our FAA Part 107 Certification.



Although I initially started The Drone Advantage in 2017 because of a passion for real estate and photography, I quickly realized that the most fulfilling part of my job is being able to help realtors and smaller businesses increase their brand awareness within their community. Being able to create a product that gives my clients a sense of pride in what they do for a living is what has allowed me to continue to grow and reinvest my resources. As I continue to gain experience and insight within both the real estate industry and in the corporate world, I plan on pursuing a career in Real Estate Investing as well. Feel free to contact me personally with any questions.


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